Half Hitching



Introduction: Half Hitching

I used half hitching to cover the handle of the box I use to carry my net making supplies. I used it as well to cover the sheath for a knife. The hitching around the carabiner replaced a foam pad that was used to deaden the sound of metal hitting metal. As you can see there are no ends visible in the hitching around the carabiner

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Step 1:

Tie overhand knot around ring, short tag end. Pull down tag end parallel to object you are covering

Step 2:

Tie half hitch by bringing Working End around dowel and through bight you created. Pull tight and . . .

Step 3:

. . . repeat. You are beginning to cover the tag end

Step 4:

Repeat until you have covered most of the object.

Finishing will add four hitches.

Tie one loose hitch

Step 5:

Add three more

Step 6:

Bring Working End under four strands

Step 7:

From left to right you see four loose bights

Step 8:

Tighten them in sequence

Step 9:

Pull on Working End to complete knot. Trim off Working End

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