Halloween Doll House

Introduction: Halloween Doll House

I had an old dollhouse that made 25 yrs ago sitting in my attic getting ruined. I had been looking for a way to display my collection of old monster figures. Since I love Halloween so much it made sense to give the dollhouse a Halloween make-over.

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Step 1: Demolition

The first thing I had to do was to rip out all of the old wall paper and wood trim. I need to start over.

Step 2: No More White Trim

All the white trim was painted black which worked well with the color of the house. I then added a mahogony stain to the roof and all of the wood trim and stairs.

Step 3: Floors and Walls

I used pennies for the floor in my lab and nursery. I love the different shades of copper. I also had a sheet of glass tiles that I cut to size. For most of the walls I used scrapbook paper. There are many patterns to choose from and it was inexpensive.

Step 4: Recycleing Furniture

I tried to use what I already had. So I painted the China cabinet and bed black. I glued beads to the bed before I painted it .

The tub I used an old doll, filled it with resin and added red paint.

Step 5: The Lab and Nursery

I went online and looked for anatomy images. Printed them out then added the table. The table is some foam that was in a box of packaging. I just cut it down to size.

Then I bought some tiny bottles at the craft store and filled them with glow in the dark paint and spices.

The babies I already had. So I painted them to look like baby monsters.

Step 6: Lizzy Borden

The dolls and sofa were from when I first made the house 25 yrs ago. They were kind of pricy back then. So they to got a make over.

Step 7: Prop Make Over

I originally had a Christmas theme. I just painted over these using Halloween colors.

Step 8: Adding the Details and Figures

I tried to create a party theme.

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    3 years ago

    This is fantastic! I love miniatures but you made them even better. The blood bath, Karloff poster and Cousin It are my favorites! Bravo! Display year 'round! Voted!