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Check out the video for the build and the details that I didn't include in this Instructable!
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Step 1: Building the Cabinet

We made the cabinet by using glued up pine boards.
The joints are dovetails.
Cabinet was stained with walnut stain and then finished with one coat of Linseed oil and 3 coats Polyurethane.
The trim was added on the outside to serve as decoration and a handle at the bottom.
Piano hinges hold the two doors weight.
The drawer's shelf was made with pocket holes.
The whole cabinet is hanged with a French cleat system.

Step 2: Adding the Tool Holders

The tool holders took a long time to make because they are all custom fit to the tools.
I especially like the ''floating'' shelves for hand planes.

Step 3: Adding the Drawers

Please check the video for the detailed build on drawers.

We made and added the drawers into place.
The drawers were made with half blind dovetails joinery on the front. We used pine (sides and back), beech (fronts), cherry plywood (bottoms), and teak (pulls).

Step 4: Done!

It was done and ready to use!
We love the cabinet and use it everyday more than we thought we would.

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    6 Discussions


    2 years ago

    How did you make the floating hand plane shelf? Glue? Dowels? Magnets?

    1 reply
    DIY AndreaYonatan24

    Reply 2 years ago

    Pocket holes (you can see it in the video).
    Magnets would be insufficient, glue and dowels are a permanent solution.
    We liked pocket holes because we can rearrange the order anytime.


    2 years ago

    Better question.....where did you get that gasoline powered torch on top of the shelf in the first picture? I have been looking for one for years.

    1 reply
    DIY Andreamtbike2

    Reply 2 years ago

    Ha, good eye!
    My grandfather used to be a plumber and he left this one for us.
    It's brass and iron gasoline torch made by hand.
    Beautiful piece of craftsmanship.