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I don't know what i want to be for halloween this year so i thought that i could make a few things and choose because then i have all the props i need!!!

so today i will be showing you how to make easy handcuffs o-----o

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Step 1: What Do I Need

For this you will need.......

  • 11 paperclips (or enough for you to still move your hand to ring door bells)
  • 2 of them bracelet things that you can get for making bracelets. or you could use 2 black or silver hair bobbles.
  • black or silver paint.

Step 2: Chaining

so first off your gona want to chain all the paper clips together DO NOT MAKE A CIRCLE MAKE A STRAIT LINE

Step 3: Cuffffffffffffffs

connect one bracelet thing to one end of the chain and the other one to the other end.

Step 4: Watching Pain Dry.......... (-_-)zzzzz

Now paint the chain and the if you used brackets the brackets too. but don't paint one of them so you can hang the handcuffs up to dry and when it is paint the other bracelet.

Step 5: DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now you can just wear them but be curful with the paint on the brackets when you have them on.

I hope you like this please shear your ones down below, and comment if this helped.

don't forget BE NICE! ^-^

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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Great idea idea for a simple prop. If you want to make the chains look thicker, you can always double up the paper clips for each link. This helps them to look a little more heavy duty.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks XD