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Introduction: Handmade Rustic Looking Sign

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This is how to make a Handmade Sign for relatively low cost and using only a few hand tools..

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Step 1: Tools and Materials Needed

I used :

A pair of heavy duty scissors

A pair of wire cutters

A pair of small tin snips

A permanent marker

A package of 3" high wooden letters used for templates (purchased from dollar store for $2)

Beer cans or what ever kind of cans you would like to use.

A rustic looking board.

Step 2: How to Do It

I cut the top edge of the can with the wire cutters, then using the tin snips I cut the top off the can, then I cut down the seam of the can with the scissors, then cut off the bottom with the tin snips.

Then I traced the letters needed onto the flat cans with the permanent marker.

The letters were then cut out using the scissors and tin snips.

Step 3: Putting It Together and a Word of Caution

Lay out the letters on the board you want to use. I'll fasten the letters with small nails. ( when I find the nails)

I just used the name of the Beer Brand for the sign because it is a very popular summer area in Southern Ontario, Canada.

I had some of the brewery's beer to drink so that is why I used their cans. No endorsement implied.

This was a relatively easy project to do and would be a good summer project for your camp/cabin/cottage/summer place, signage.

Since the sign is made out of metal and wood it is quite weather resistant.

I managed not to cut myself while making this but you do have to be very careful while cutting, you may want to use gloves if you try this project. Good Luck and be creative.

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    Great job! Got my vote for sure!

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    Thank you Erika021084, I'm glad you liked it.