Handy Car




Introduction: Handy Car

This tool is a useful way to control an RC car. It can be used by everyone, but it is designed especially for children who can’t fully use their hands in order to keep a remote. Thanks to its strip, this remote doesn’t need to be held and in this way it can be used even by people without finger(s).

Step 1: Get Your Tools Ready

You will need:


  • RC car
  • RC remote
  • 2 1.5/AA batteries
  • Plastic battery pack
  • 4 tilt switches
  • Electric wires
  • A piece of cloth (approximately 22x15cm)


  • Laser cutter
  • Sewing machine
  • Soldering iron
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors

Step 2: The Remote

Disassemble the original RC remote and cut off the wires of the battery pack in order to pull out the electronic board. Then take the plastic battery pack and connect it with soldering iron to the chip. Now it’s time for the actual control: solder with a piece of wire each button with a tilt switch. To lock in position the tilt switches use a bit of hot glue.

Step 3: The Wearable Part

Draw with a 2D graphic program (we recommend Inkscape) the fabric part. You can draw your own using the measures that you need or you can simply download here our project which is designed for a man hand. You have to measure with a tape measure three parts of your hand: the knuckles-palm zone, your wrist and the vertical line which connects the two parts. Then use a Laser Cutter to cut your strip; if you don’t have access to Laser Cutter you can just cut the cloth with scissors. Then using the sewing machine sew the two hems of each strip in order to create two bands.

Step 4: FINISH IT!

To finish your project, stick the control board and the battery pack with the hot glue gun as it follows. What are you waiting for? GO!

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