Hang Up Your Old Vinyl Records!




Introduction: Hang Up Your Old Vinyl Records!

A few months ago I came across a huge load of my dad's old records and decided to hang them up on an empty wall in my room. I first tried using tacks on the outside of the record sleeve to hold them in place which failed miserably. Next, I tried using "Earthquake" antique and glassware putty and woke up with a pile of records on top of me that had fallen overnight. Finally, I went off to Home Depot and found someone who kind of knew what they were talking about.....

Step 1: Getting the Tile Trim

At Home Depot I found an employee who recommended using some plastic tile trim for the project. So, I picked up about ten pieces of 1/4" x 6' of QEP Black Plastic Tile Trim: http://www.qep.com/index.php?q=node/381 , which ended up running me only about $30, much cheaper than any of my other options. The tile trim also has very convenient holes which I put standard wall screws through to hang the trim.

Step 2: Hanging the Trim

Next, I hung the first layer of trim with a level at the top using about 5-6 wall screws across the length of the 6' piece. After that, I took 3 of my records and pushed one in at the end, the middle, and the far end of the piece of trim. Then, I took the next piece of trim and stuck in into the the bottom of the records and screwed it in. I did this to accurately measure the space needed in between each layer of trim to hang the records. I repeated this process for each row of records I wanted.

Step 3: Hanging the Records

Last, I gathered all of my records and slid them into all of the rows of tile trim that I hung, and presto! I have a cool collage of some really awesome old records on my wall that has been up for at least 4 months now.

And the best part? If you get sick of the records, simply slide them out and put some new ones up in place of them. It never gets old, and always looks great.



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Vinyl album display using inexpensive corner wall protectors from Home Depot (clear and L-shaped)- they come in 4' and 8' pieces. Cut them into about 3" pieces, connect two together (so it looks like a U shape). Placed them onto the wall on the top and bottom of the album...and it appears they are floating. Turned out great!

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Connect two together to look like an U shape. I dont get it?

Sorry about the double pictures! This was quick and easy to do! The only thing we did different was painting the brackets black to match our wall and vent cover. (not shown). We also added a top bracket, turned upside down, to top off the top row. We love it! Thanks for all the help!


Great solution! I did a similar project but really wanted to be able to take out the records and play them easily, so I used two pieces of trim to build out a little ledge so that they lean back just enough not to need a top rail. Plus that let me paint the trim because I love color - just don't paint the inside of the rail so that your record sticks to the paint over time!!

record rails.jpg
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I also wanted to be able to get to my records easily, I see you used trim, I bought my shelfs at IKEA x)

they are very thing tho, only sticking out about 6cm


Which Ikea shelves did you use? Thanks.

I love this idea. I have a question though. I know that it might be more expensive, but would sign letter tracking work to do this? http://signletterdepot.com/push-up-drop-down-rigid-sign-letter-track.html. This is what I had in mind.

Just completed this project and was very happy with the results!

One important thing I discovered was that surprisingly not all records are the same height in their cases! (there was a difference of 6mm between my copy of Disraeli gears and Zeppelin IV!). this height difference may seem insignificant, but for me it meant some larger records could not fit on a rail measured to slightly smaller ones, and smaller ones could fall off a rail measured to larger records.

I worked around this issue by finding the largest records I wanted to hang and measuring all heights to those. That way smaller ones could be slightly tucked in behind larger ones or held in place at the top by a subtle paperclip.

Your dad had good taste, according to your pictures.

Thanks for the great idea! I took a slightly different approach using cheap $5 trim pieces and notching a small section down the middle of each (using a table saw) to hold the albums in place

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I love this! Can you tell me where you purchased your trim at and what you used to attach the trim to the walls?

Trim purchased at Lowes or Home Depot. The cheap MDF kind. Drywall screws to attached it to the wall work fine since it's not supporting any significant weight. You may want to consider a wider trim piece than I used so the LP's have more lean into the wall. Mine would occasionally fall off the wall because there was not enough lean. Either that or consider a top support as well.

I'm doing this in my room

This is such a genius idea, I was looking for a solution to hang all my records on my bare walls, But I would like to incorporate all my band flyers as well as the vinyl itself, It's all Punk and Hardcore, mostly from the 80's, thanks buddy, this is so perfect of an idea, I thought my last option was going to be small nails, AMAZING!

Thanks for the inspiration. I used cap molding to hang my records, which I got at Home Depot for $2.87 per 8' piece. I nailed the molding strips to my dry wall with 3/4" zinc wire nails. The album covers slide into the rail. They fit better if you remove the record from the album. I also used removable glue dots as extra measure to keep the album cover against the wall.


I was very excited to find this instructable and even more excited when I went to my hardware store and they were only $6.20 for a 2500mm length. Can't wait to get an extra pair of hands to help me hang 5 rows of it above my lounge. After that I am going to tackle the same type of thing for my cassette tapes just using a wider tile trim which I spied when I was at the store. Has anyone mounted the trim to a board first and then hung the board to limit the number of screw holes into the wall? Just curious because I thought I might do it that way. Cheers heaps for the idea.

Hey! Just completed our album art wall using this instructable and totally love it!! Thanks for the great idea!