Hanging Room Divider/Door Curtain




Wanting to add some flair to my newly designed bedroom I chose to make a hanging room divider for my closet doorway.

Step 1: List of Supplies

1. Craft Plastic Acrylic Sheets
2. Alcohol Inks
3. Felt Stamp
4. Tiny Hole Punch
5. 10 Gauge Jewelry Wire
6. Dowel Rod
7. Wire Cutters

Not Pictured
8. Spring Curtain Rod
9. Die Cutter
10. Glue (thick and quick drying)

Step 2: Add Design

Using the alcohol inks and felt stamp pad add random designs to the craft plastic sheets until you receive the desired pattern.

Step 3: Die Cut Thecraft Plastic

Die cut the craft plastic sheets using whatever design you choose.

For my closet door I chose 3.5" circles. The door opening is 24" so I used 5 across and 18 down for a total of 90 circles.

I used the Cricut, if you don't have a die cut machine available check with your local teacher supply store, many times they will allow you to use theirs at no charge.

We were only able to cut 4 circles per page, but I'm sure we'll find something else to use the scraps for!

Step 4: Punch Holes for Connecting

To determine the correct positioning of the holes to punch fold one circle in half and punch near the top on the crease and repeat at the bottom to create a template.

Lay the template on top of each circle and using a marker make a small dot through both punched holes.

Using your tiny hole punch continue until all pieces have been punched on top and bottom.

Step 5: Make Your Jump Rings

Using your dowel rod wrap the jewelry wire as tight as possible.

Use your wire cutters and snip the top of each wrap to create jump rings.

You can purchase these pre-made, however we already had the wire so I chose to make my own.

Step 6: Connect the Die Cuts

Using your jump rings link each of the die cuts until you have a 5 links of 18.

Step 7: Attach Links to Spring Rod

Mark the center of your spring rod.

Lay out the dies to determine their position and mark the spring rod with a permanent marker.

Slide 1 jump ring for each link on to the spring rod and use a dab of glue (thick and quick drying works best) to hold in place.

Step 8: Hang and Enjoy!

Attach links to the spring rod and hang in the door jamb.

Add stickers or rub-ons for more personalization!



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