Hard Drive Parts Generator and Theory Tester


Introduction: Hard Drive Parts Generator and Theory Tester

This is a device built out of hard drive parts and a piece of wood that simulates the action of a windbelt. I built this because I think this way of producing energy could be used differently With this I can be anywhere and not need wind to power it while I think of a different way it can be used.

These are the final pics. The pictures I took weren't very good while I was building this but, it is built the same as the other generators of this type on instructables.com. One end is built on a scrap piece of wood. The hard drive parts were given to me by a really nice man of a local computer store near my home. I tried various different rubberband combinations to connect the two arms. I used three.

I also have a video of it posted of it working.

With just one magnet above and below the coil I am able to hold 2.0VAC for a few seconds strumming on the end of the other hard drive arm.



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    What do you call those clips you used to hold the rubber?

    perhaps hang it horizontally... and tie several strings that hang perpendicular to the rubber band... on the end of each of these could be a) things that might get blown about or b) things that might bob in water... then you could have many items all producing small tugging movements on the rubber band that would transfer energy into the motor arm.. (you might want to keep the vertical string separate with some runners to prevent tangling.. )

    if your looking for a way to generate power from waves,
    just stick a tube into the waves vertically. and funnel it down on top to your generator blades.

    One could use an old riding lawn mower gas gauge that reads e-f on top. it has a cork screw on the tank side that turns the gauge indicator (On top) from e-f. it has a cork for a float that slides up and down with the level of the gasoline inside the gas tank. For your water generator/ tide / up dn motion...etc. get the drift...Robot humor

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    The cork could hold the magnuts, or coils which ever way one would build it. Then spiral the mags or coils in a spiral running up a tube. the stem on the float is twisted and the cork would turn and generate as it passes the magnuts or coils. more twists on the shaft the more it would turn. Thats my theory and I'm sticking to it. lol. good luck to you...

    humm how about the pendulum driven by water current say like as in the seas with there tides swinging the pendulum

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    That could be possible. With correct placement and the development of a good system it could work. I live near the beaches in Florida and will look into how the current and tides flow. Thanks for the comment.

    So, you twang the right-hand end and extract power from the vibrations? Where do you think it could find applications? Maybe a small version in the bottom of a brief-case to charge a commuter's mobile?

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    Yes, that is how it works. The idea behind this is to have a working model in my hands. It is not the size but, the different applications using renewable resources. I have been thinking about other wind applications besides the WindBelt. I am planning an Instructable on an idea I have with wind.

    That is the idea behind this device. I built it so I could have a model I could look at. I like this type of generator because of the size. I look at it and try to picture something else(wind,water,etc.) producing the power instead of the rubber bands. A working model I guess you can say. I have tried a few different attachments to it using the small holes at the end of the hard drive arm. The holes are a little bigger than a penny nail.

    Would it maybe work acting as a pendulum. Maybe mount 2 next to each other with magnets attached to the middle of the rubber bands. Then let the magnets bobble back and forth to each other til of course equilibrium is reached.

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    Do you mean to weight the rubber bands? I tried that with a few little washers I have. It didn't work that good but, I think it was because of the washers not being balanced on the rubber bands. I think if I had a marble or ball bearing and center it well that would be possible.