Harry Potter Plaque

Introduction: Harry Potter Plaque

I made this to display a Harry Potter wand my daughter got for her birthday.
It can't be seen in the display box.
Just made Dumbledor's Plaque..

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Step 1: The Design

I used some scrap 6mm MDF ( Hard Board ) and drew the design freehand.

Step 2: The Cut

I used a jigsaw to cut round the design ,
and my new Rotary Multi Tool to sand the edges.

Step 3: The Paint Job

I gave the Plaque an undercoat of sand coloured satin paint.
and a top coat of wood stain to give it the wood effect.
I used brass screws to wall mount it and  brass  hooks to hold the wand.
Just off to make one for Dumbledore's wand.

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