Hawthorn Oh My Hawthorn Jam

Introduction: Hawthorn Oh My Hawthorn Jam

Eng: This is a story of how lovely hawthorns became lovely hawthorn jam...

       It may be helpful if you want to 
  • Have home-made hawthorn jam
  • Know how to deal with the hawthorns you just bought.....

What you need: 
  •   Hawthorns
  •  A small pot
  •  A sterilised jar for the jam
  •  Water and Sugar
  • Maybe some time? Don't do it if you are going out

中文: 這是一個關於山楂醬的故事



Step 1: Wash, De-seed, and We Get the Pot

Eng:  In case you have not found out yet, we've started...
  1.      Wash the hawthorns
  2. De-seed them and discard the seeds
  3. Put the hawthorns into the pot and cover with water

中文版: 這是被洗個干淨去了籽後和水一起下鍋的山楂醬們 ^ .^

Step 2: Boil Water

Eng: Now we could boil water...

中文: 把水煮開

Step 3: Heating But Not Boiling

  • Turn down the heat
  • Put sugar 
  • Stir.
notes: you don't have to stir all the time~


Step 4: Heat, Stir, Sugar...

Eng:  Stir, and check if you need more sugar.

中文: 你就默默地攪拌著等著,想想看要不要再加點糖這樣子

Step 5: Is It OK?

Eng: Check if the jam is OK

       It should be almost done in the picture, or you could just taste it.

中文: 不要忘了看下山楂醬是否可以出鍋啦

Step 6: Done, Jar Time

Eng: Put the jam into the jar you prepared before~

中文: 山楂醬進入了罐子

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