Healthy Breakfast Option

Introduction: Healthy Breakfast Option

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Greek yogurt with a lot of goodies!
Healthy, fast, simple and most of all a delicious way to start your day!

Some healthy facts:

Hazelnuts contain fiber, vitamins and minerals. They are rich in potassium, iron, zinc, copper, magnesium.
Figs are also rich in fiber and potassium.
Grapes are rich in Vitamin K, copper, Vitamin B2.
Flax seeds are rich in omega 3 Fatty acids, fiber, copper, magnesium, manganese, Vitamin B1.

Enjoy easy recipes!

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Step 1: Recipe:

Makes: 1 portion
Preparation time: 5 – 7 minutes

  • 100 ml Greek yogurt
  • 20g Hazelnuts and or Walnuts
  • 100 g Grapes
  • 2-3 Dates
  • 2 Figs ( 80 g)
  • 2 Tea spoons Flax seeds

Wash the figs and grapes, cut them in smaller pieces.

Chop the nuts (optional).

Place all the ingredients in your breakfast bowl, top with flax seeds and enjoy!

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