Hex Editing Item Quantities in TES: Skyrim (Xbox)




First off I want to personally apologize for my recent absence from Instructables as I've been hard at work in college. But I'm back with a useful introduction to basic hex modding of Skyrim saves.

By using this method anything you have in game (I.E. Soul gems, armor, weapons, potions, arrows, ingredients, etc.) can be instantly multiplied into millions.

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Step 1: What You Will Need

Ah its the infamous "What you will need" step...

1.) Xbox 360
2.) Xbox compatible flash drive (I'm using a 4gb sandisk cruzer)
3.) Copy of skyrim..... duh -_-
4.) Hex Workshop
5.) Free version of Horizon 
6.) A computer

Alright, Let's go!

Step 2: Prepare Your Save...

First thing you want to do is load up your Skyrim save with the item you wish to duplicate.

next, go ahead and find a random empty barrel. NOTE: the barrel cannot be inside of a house you own. I use the barrels next to the blacksmiths in white run since it is right next to one of my houses.

Now empty the barrel of everything and then put in the item to be duplicated. At this point it wouldn't be a bad idea to jot down the name of the item and how many there are.

Finally, save your game next to the barrel and head over to your dashboard.

Step 3: Prepare the Flashdrive!

If your flashdrive is already formatted for use with your xbox as memory then go ahead and skip this step.... Thats right... Go on... scat!

If not then simply insert your flashdrive into your xbox and scroll on over to the memory option in the systems setting tab. you should see your flash drive showing up as a device. click on it and follow the steps they are pretty self explanitory.

NOTE: At this point all the data on your flashdrive will be erased! make sure you have backed everything up on your computer.

Step 4: Copy It Over...

In the memory tab of your console navigate through your harddrive to where the Skyrim save is located (Hard Drive>>>Games>>>Skyrim).

Next, select the save you want to modify and select copy or move from the options. I recommend copying incase something happens during the mod.

select your flash device from the menu and wait for it to transfer...

and now over to the computer....

Step 5: Meanwhile at the Computer...

Plug your flash drive in and boot up Horizon and you will meet a screen like the one in my picture. Notice on the right hand side of the screen there will be a panel with a directory of your flash device. Click on games, then skyrim, then right click on you save and select extract and save it somewhere memorable (I.E. the desktop).

Next open up Hex Workshop and launch the "base converter" from under the tools drop down. from the drop down under "byte order" select "intel" and the other should be "unsigned long". in the box labeled "decimal" enter the number of items you put in the barrel. (For example, I put 5 spriggan sap in the barrel, so I will use the number 5 (05000000)). Jot down this number.

next, replace the number with the number you want to have when your done. for me, I want around 16,000,000 so I enter that number in and get another value (0024F400) jot this one down as well.

Now you need to find the hex code for the item you put in the barrel. you can find a list of them here (for spriggan sap it is: 00063B5F) however we are only interested in the last 5 digits (63B5F) jot that down too.

now within Hex workshop click File>open and select the save you extracted earlier.

press control+F and enter in this string:      4(the five digit item code)(the number you have)

So the string for me would look like this: 463B5F05000000

check "find all instances" and search it.

Step 6: The Editing and Resigning...

Now that you did a search for your item you should get back one result. do the follow for all of them:

Pick the one result and it should be highlighted. next chane the value of the starting (05000000) to what you want it to be (0024F400)

click file>save and it would be smart to keep a backup when asked.

Now go back over to Horizon and select "inject file" (in picture) and browse to your newly modded save. Once you have done this click on the little cog wheel to the upper right of the file explorer panel (in picture) and click on the "save,resign, and rehash" option on the new popup window. Once it is confirmed pop out your flash drive and its back over to the xbox....

Step 7: Loading the Save....

Follow the same procedure as before except this time copy the save from your flash drive to your hard drive, overwriting if necessary. Now boot up skyrim and load up the save.

Open the barrel and collect your items!

BTW BE ON THE LOOKOUT I FOUND A BIG GLITCH IN SKYRIM THAT SHOULD BE POSTED VERY SOON. not a very useful glitch but anytime i can get out of the map, im excited. and as far as watch ive found on the internet this glitch is not yet published.

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    25 Discussions


    1 year ago


    I hope you liked Skyrim saves



    4 years ago

    Tried download and installed Horizon but my anti-virus blocked and erased it. Is it common or really has virus in it? I have done to bypass the anti-virus control and finally able to "rise" the items I want, but that "virus" still worrying me.. Help me..

    2 replies

    Reply 4 years ago

    It has been some time since I have used horizon, but I have used it many times and it is not a virus. If you downloaded from the primary horizon site then I would say it is probably a false positive


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks so much.. Sorry for so late reply..


    4 years ago

    Tried download and installed Horizon but my anti-virus blocked and erased it. Is it common or really has virus in it? I have done to bypass the anti-virus control and finally able to "rise" the items I want, but that "virus" still worrying me.. Help me..


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Either im a dumbass, (wouldnt doubt it) but where is the "check all instances" in the hex editor all i found was checksum.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    So I tried to do this, and I tried extracting the "Savefile 2 Strykewulf.....exs" file, and I tried extracting the contents of the save "savegame.dat". I was trying to dupe Grand Soul Gem (Grand) then I tried Dragonbone Warhammer. I looked up the item ID codes for both, but when I search 42E4FF10000000 for filled Grand Soul Gems, or 414FD001000000 for Dragonbone Warhammer, HxD and Hex Workshop can't find the string... did they encrypt the files? Or what am I doing wrong here?


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, thanks for this... But... I tried editing some gold, and it just keeps poping the message "The game disc cannot be read"... Think it may have something to do with it??

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Already confirmed it was my bad edit... Don't know where or what was my mistake... I'll tell you what I did: (1) Deposited 1 Iron Ingot in barrel. (2) Edited to change item into gold coin, and changed amount into MAX., later tried lowering to the same amount you used in your tut. None worked. (3) Deleted that bad edited save, Game works.


    6 years ago

    If I went to the college of winter hold and stuck some stuff in a chest or barrel there would this still work because its technically not your house?

    2 replies

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    The easiest way to find out is to try. Basically there are two containers in the game: static and dynamic. Dynamic containers renew such as chests in dungeons. You need a static container, one that doesn't change based on actions in the game. Like I said there really isn't an easy way to tell other than to experiment.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    You do realise what you are doing is against xbox terms of service?

    by editing your game save even on an offline game, you can be branded as a cheater and have your gamerscore set to 0.

    just a polite heads up

    5 replies

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    also, i did this kind of stuff all the time on oblivion(after i completed the game legit of course) and never had problems with msoft


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    he's not doing anything that effects his gamerscore, such as getting achievements through nefarious means, and you cant play skyrim online, so i dont see how microsoft could possibly know, or why they'd care


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    pfft. and? lol :)

    i play offline since i have a flashed xbox so i love this hack, ive been using the skyrim glitches loads.

    thanks uploader! great job