Hidden Compartment: "Alternative Art"

Introduction: Hidden Compartment: "Alternative Art"

About: Hi guys, my name is Angel and I love art, nature, technology, and creativity. Please check out my instructables and let me know what you think

Hi guys, this one of my entries for the "hidden compartments" contest.

The best hiding spots are of course those in plain site. This is a way you can hide objects in a piece of "art".

I chose a snowman because I had a huge chunk of white play dough. however you can apply this method to any shape or design, as long as your compartment fits inside.

Step 1: Materials and Design

Decide on your design then gather some play dough and a container that will fit in ur design.

Step 2: Shape and Hide

Step 3: Hide in Plain Site

Now that you have your figure put it somewhere on a shelf next to more figures or crafts. The trick is to make sure people know that it's a piece of art so no one decides to take it apart.

Thanks for taking a look! send me pictures of your "art safe" and ill post them here :) also i'd appreciate your vote in the hidden compartments contests!

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    That is so cool


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    Thank you, your support means a lot.