Home Made Deadmau5 Costume


Introduction: Home Made Deadmau5 Costume

This is the deadmau5 costume that we made our son for Halloween. We used a 14" acrylic lamp globe from home depot and then cut out the mouth, adding screen to the opening to cover the face area. We made sure that it was not too dark, so that the vision was no affected. Then we added a hard hat inside, so that it would be comfortable to wear around.

To finish it off, we added flashing led lights for the eyes, speakers connected into the back of the ears and connected the iPod which held a two hour mega mix of deadmau5 songs. The deadmau5 shirt is an official shirt that I ordered from Amazon, it is a LED sound activated shirt, so it looked really cool while we were trick or treating, as the eyes and shirt were lighting up to the music. 



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