Homemade Ice Cream Without an Ice Cream Machine: Chocolate Flavor!

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I already published an instructable a few weeks ago on how to make your own ice cream at home without using an ice cream machine.
That one was for making coffee flavor ice cream
Today I show you how to make chocolate Flavor Ice cream!

BTW: I've published my cookbook. Any of you who would like a copy of the ebook, can download it from here!

Ingredients (for 500 gr ice cream):
•3 eggs
•100 g sugar
•3 tbsp cocoa powder
•500 ml heavy cream
•3 tbsp chocolate syrup
•3 tbsp chopped caramelized nuts (optional)

Separate the egg yolks from the whites. In a bowl cream the yolks with the sugar, then add the cocoa powder and the chocolate syrup. Whisk to combine all the ingredients together.
In a separate bowl whip up the egg whites, and then separately whip up the heavy cream. Gently fold all the ingredients together then move the final product into a plastic container. Put it into the freezer for at least 4 hours.
When ready to serve, scoop it out and garnish with some chopped caramelized nuts!

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    I'm definitely going to be making this recipe!!! Thank you for posting the link for your book!! Hubs bought me a copy of it today!!!!! :D