Homemade Cheap Bamboo Splashsticks Drumsticks V2




Introduction: Homemade Cheap Bamboo Splashsticks Drumsticks V2

My splashsticks are breaking apart, and 20+$ I think is too much for a new pair, so when I saw these bamboo rods in the kitchen and my mind was clear I thought, lets try it.

Need: scewers, chopsticks, ect,
& duct tape, ect
A "wall" helped me keep them straight, though using a chopping the ends with a saw afterwards should work too.

1: Figure out what size you want them, big (15) small (5), and use that many rods.
2: Straighten out the tips, on a flat surface with a "wall" and seperate about 1cm apart.
3: Use a long, thin piece of tape, about 2x the width of the seperated rods.
4: Run/press tape over extened sticks, 
5: Flip sticks and pless tape onto the exposed tape to close the gaps
6: Roll into a drumstick shape
7: Now tape up the stick, however high you want, about 3/4 up seams to work well.
8: Tape the bottom, espeacially if useing pointy rods,(whitch im useing)
9: Try 'em out, hopefully they sound well, and the balence isnt bad.
thankyou.  hope this may help.

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Step 1: Give Your Rods a Solid Backing So They Dont Go Sliding Around.

Step 2: Attach Tape Over and Around the Spaced Out Rods.

(the first prototype had the rods flying out when I played, Ahhh)

Step 3: Wrap Them Up

now, this isnt the last step, cus, its... lacking/unfinished...

Step 4: Tape Up the Handle About 3/4 Up, and the Bottom.

Thats my "finished" splashsticks, now I havent tested them on cymbals yet, but they feel like they ought to work fine, for about $.25 a set,

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