How to Create a Fortune Teller

Introduction: How to Create a Fortune Teller

Step 1: Equipment:

A piece of paper,
A pen,
Some scissors
And four colouring pencils

Step 2: Make a Square

Fold over a corner and make a mark

Step 3: Fold the Line

Step 4: Cut Along the Line

Cut along the line to make a perfect square

Step 5: Fold the Square in Half

Step 6: Then,

Unfold it and fold it the other way

Step 7: Unfold That

Unfold that and fold one corner into the centre of the square. Then, do that to the rest of the corners

Step 8: Next,

Turn the rhombus shape over and do that on the other side

Step 9: Turn It Over Again

and it should look like that

Step 10: Fold That in Half

Step 11: Then Unfold and Fold It Again

Step 12: Take It Back to the Square With Four Sections

And draw a colour on each section

Step 13: Turn It Over

And write a number in each of the eight sections

Step 14: Open Each Section

And write a fortune

Step 15: Fold It Back to This

Step 16: Pop Your Fingers In

Step 17: Instructions

If the person chose pink for example you would stretch your fingers out saying P I N K then it should have four of the numbers inside it if they chose (for example) four you would do the same going 1 2 3 4 next time they choose a number open it and tell them their fortune

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    6 years ago

    Wow, me and the neighborhood kids used make these 45+ years ago, memories.