How To: Create a Weathered Effect on a Dolls' House

Introduction: How To: Create a Weathered Effect on a Dolls' House

What you’ll need:

Amber House
Grey Stone Paper
HB Pencil
Scissors/Craft knife
Protective mat
(Coarse) 40-60 grit Abrasive Paper
Wallpaper paste
Kitchen Roll

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Step 1:

Prepare the front of the house by lightly sanding it down; this will give it a key to stick the paper to.

Line up the Grey Stone Paper so the pattern continues as you would do with wall paper.

Step 2:

Cut off any excess paper with a sharp pair of scissors to make the Grey Stone Paper easier to manage.

Step 3:

Once the pattern is lined up hold it firmly in position, while rubbing the excess paper along the end of the window lintel. By doing this you are slightly marking the paper - giving a mark to cut to.

Use a sharp knife to cut along the marks you have made very carefully so not to make any mistakes or cut yourself.

Step 4:

Once you are happy that the shape is correct around the window lintel, paste the paper with wallpaper paste and place it in position above the lintel.

Now you have placed the Grey Stone Paper in position gently rub it down removing any air pockets using either a small scraper or a soft cloth.

Continue until you have completely covered the whole of the Amber house with the paper.

Step 5:

You can now begin to distress the window lintels and cornerstones.

Using an HB pencil rub in on some coarse 40-60 Grit abrasive paper so that the lead appears as particles on it.

Then using a finger, pick up the lead particles and rub with your finger along the cornerstones. Don’t worry if the colour isn’t even as this will enhance the overall weathered look.

Step 6:

Use the pencil directly on to any hard-to-get-to places - like in between the corner stones where you can then use a tissue to rub the pencil into the surface.

Step 7:

Once you are happy with the effect of the cornerstones you can move on to the window lintels using the same technique.

Step 8:

You have nearly finished; this is the last step for a more genuine look to your lintel and corner stones, using a rubber, rub away some of the distressing as if the light is hitting the end of the corner stone and window lintel.

Well done! You have finished distressing your Amber House.

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