How to Decorate Your Room

Introduction: How to Decorate Your Room

In this instructable, you will learn how to make your room look artistic and entertaining to look at. This might be handy if you have a party and/or a get together with your friends or something.

Step 1: Step #1: Decorating Walls and the Floor

To decorate the walls, you need either a stapler or some tacks to hold up the pictures and posters. Some other things you need are maybe a couple magazines that you can snip pictures out of and some posters.  

Step 2: Step #2: Decorating Shelves

Now, the shelves.  All you really have to do is get a bunch of books that you like or that make you look brainy (like my friend, RC-1207SEV) and stack them in random order all over your shelves. It looks better than actually organizing them! Then, if you have a lot of knick knacks like me, then just set them up so they look unique. It's really easy!

Step 3: Step #3: Hanging Objects ( Including Lights) and Media

In my room, i like to hang objects from the ceiling. It gives my room some style. All you have to do is get something lie a toy airplane or a model and hang it off the ceiling. Secondly, if you want to, you can have a TV or a computer in your room. They just add to its awesomeness.

And that's all you have to do to make your room look awesome and artistic!!!!!!
Have fun decorating your room!!!!!!!!!



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    Wow your room is awesome!


    Hi!! I landed on this instructable while searching, and, I noticed one thing about the first picture you put here.. It is very similar in the way to the Simple Plan band's Facebook profile picture.. you can check it out here: :)

    Nice decorating! I love your room. I hope that didn't sound creepy. This gave me an idea. I'm gonna cut out pictures of galaxies and stars from my Extreme Universe magazine and tape them to the ceiling!

    2 replies

    also, check out the one with the tank made out of bullet shells. it is really cool. it is just an add-on to this instructable.

    remember kids that that room is really cool and will always be cool. i took into notice there are about 200 posters and pictures out of magizenes in there, so to make it really good( rabiddemonweasal is my best friend) so use lots of posters. ( he is the awesomest decorator ever.) use his advice.

    2 replies

    Thank you captain obvious.  I did not know that he actually had posters in his room.  He is already telling us that this will make his room look better, and anyone who wants to decorate will take his advice.  So don't make stupid comments.