How to Draw a Baby Pumpkin

In this Instructable I will be showing you how to draw a baby pumpkin!!!! It is really cute and easy to draw!!! Hope you like it!!!!:)

Step 1: Draw the Eyes

Draw two eyes about a dollar coin sized circles.

Then, draw a curved line in the eyes.

Step 2: Draw the Body of the Pumpkin

Now, draw a circle around the eyes.

Then, draw a stem.

Step 3: Draw the Mouth of the Pumpkin

Now draw a cute little mouth.

Step 4: Time to Color!!!

Now color your pumpkin!!!! I used orange but you can use any color you want!!!

Color the stem.

Outline in black.

Add eye color. I used blue.

Add a vine.

Now add a little color to its cheeks.

Now finally, add a darker orange colored stripes.

Step 5: Finished!!!!!:)

Now you're done!!! I hope you enjoyed my very first Instructable!!!!:) Thanks and have a great day!!!:)



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