How to Draw a Boy's Face From the Word "boy"




Introduction: How to Draw a Boy's Face From the Word "boy"

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Step 1: Writing Boy

Begin by simply writing in bold lowercase letters the word "boy"

Step 2: Drawing the Hairline

Connect the end of the upper left part of the "y" to the top of the letter "b" with a slight upward arch.

Step 3: Drawing the Chin

Connect bottom part of the "y" with the bottom left part of the "b" with a downward arch that turns up steeply near the "b"

Step 4: Add Eyes, Nose, and a Smile

Fill in dark circles inside the "b" and the "o" for eyes. Make a nose between and below the "b" and "o", then draw a smile below that.

Step 5: Draw the Hair

Draw the hair above the first arc however you like, I chose spikey hair.

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    6 years ago

    I think it is cool. I found it first.

    This is cool. I did not even notice it when first reading the title. Thanks for sharing!