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Introduction: How to Draw Anime Hands

About: Hey everyone! I'm just an average 16 year old who loves to draw. I hope you'll find my tutorials fun and easy! I mostly do anime/manga style drawings! Please check out my DeviantArt: http://cynthia-2901....

To be honest.  Anime isn't easy.  So...  This tutorial was requested by the lovely kaylaangelkisses.  Strangely, I don't really follow my tutorials XP.  This took me awhile as hands and feet aren't exactly my favorite thing to draw...  I may sound like an idiot but I stared at my own hand for 10 minutes trying to break down the process.  Hope you find this tutorial fun and easy!  Feel free to share your work!  I'd love to see your drawings!

Approx. Time: 20 mins (Takes this long as there will be editing.)

Sorry for the long tutorial!  I promise it's fast...  Just a lot of steps.  Well, it's basically a combination of tutorials.  The image shown is just of 3 tutorials inside.  

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Step 1: Palm

This is perhaps the easiest step.  Draw a cup-like shape.  Round the edges.  

Step 2: Hand Outline

Now draw a intersection on the 'cup' which will now be known as the palm.  Draw egg shapes to represent the segments on each finger.  The width and length of the egg depends on the finger and hand you're drawing.  Do not make your fingers the same length.  If you examine your fingers, the middle finger is the longest and the the thumb and pinky should be the shortest.  The thumb is indeed almost the same length.  Just measure it.  The pointer and fourth finger and the same length.  Draw a mountain-like line, the tip of it being the middle finger.  The thumb is a special case.  Instead of being equal to the rest of the fingers, it only has two sections and starts lower.  Go ahead and add two 'eggs' starting from your horizontal line.  

Step 3: Outlining

Time to outline it!  Yes, humans have webbed fingers too.  No, not like ducks but similar.  Maybe I should make a duck tutorial next XD.  Anyways, join the fingers to your palm outline.  Now wrap the lines around those eggs.  Make sure the lines go inward a little at the gaps.  Slightly inward.  The line in between the thumb is to guide you on where the thumb bends.  

Step 4: Final Back of Hand

Erase the guide and edit a little.  There you have it!  The back of a palm.  Add details if you want.  Such as wrinkles at the joints, veins, knuckles, etc.  

Step 5: Trying With Different Pose

Don't believe this technique works on other poses?  Well let's try a sideways hand.  Do the same for the outlines and stuff.  In the reference picture we're using, only the pointer is extended.  the rest of the fingers just show one segment.  

Step 6: Outlining

Draw te outlines.  Make the knuckle of the pointer sharp and the wrist sharp too.  It's for the bone.  As for the other fingers, since only one segment is visible, make the bottom a little flat.  If you make your hand into a fist, you will see the joints have become somewhat flatter.  

Step 7: Erase and Edit

Unless you're anorexic or have naturally skinny hands, your palms wouldn't be so flat.  Give it some flesh folds.  Sounds gross but I have no other way of describing.  Many errors in this drawing.  Erase the guides and edit.  

Step 8: Fingernails

Draw a finger.  The nail is usually longer and not space occupying.  Make it slim and longer than the finger.  Most people like to make the nail bumped up but that can lead to weird nails.  I recommend you do it flat first then slowly start bumping a little.  When drawing fingers sideways, make sure the tip of your finger is curved in.  It does not look good to have completely round fingers .  

Step 9: Do Not's

DO NOT make the fingers too round or sharp or they'll look like animals'.  

Step 10: Curiosity

I think you guys should have noticed the hearts on the paper.  That's cause I'm recycling paper.  It's a drawing of Misa and L from Death Note that I drew a day before making this tutorial.  Yup.  Shamelessly featuring my own art XP.  Check out my deviantart for a better view.  This has nothing to do with the tutorial.  It's only for those who are curious on what the hearts were.  

Error uploading the scanned copy.  Scanned version:

~Tutorial End~

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3 years ago

DANG IT This is super good but my picture is super bad!!!!

Im so lovely.. Oh Mi Gosh thanks! This helped alot! Ill try to post my lattest photo!
Thanks again!


Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

These are from my notebook (AKA The Book of DEATH!!! Mwahaha!) .
Instead of a cup shape for the palms, I used a circle. I didn't want it to be super realistic so this is what I tried.
The drawing is of me. X3.
I don't really wear buns in my hair(Its to short )
I looked at your deviant art page and posted a coment on one of your drawings.
( I <3 your chibis!)

Picture 123.jpgPicture 124.jpg

Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

Oh wow! The drawing's really cute! Love how you draw your glasses. And thanks for visiting my DeviantArt. Means a lot to me. I saw your comment~ ^ ^

Wow great job! Hands are one of my manga/anime weaknesses and this helps a lot!


7 years ago on Step 4

Back of a palm? But palm is the inside part of the hand...