How to Draw Cartoon Eyes

Introduction: How to Draw Cartoon Eyes

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Today, I was illustrating a children's book about food and how it affects your body. This book explains the food pyramid, so I decided to draw cute anime food items along with the theme. When it was time to draw the vegetables, I had an idea. This idea was to draw anime eyes and a carrot (a super hero carrot that was improving the eye's sight). To do this, though, I would need to know how to draw anime eyes. Try as I may, I could not grasp the concept of the eye, so I came up with my own cartoon-like eye. Please enjoy this, and I hope you too learn how to draw this simple eye.

Difficulty : Intermediate

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

To draw an eye, you will need...

paper - pencil - at least two shades of your preferred color - ruler - optional : pen and thin Sharpie

Step 2: Draw a Guide

To make drawing an eye as easy as possible, youmay want to draw a rectangle with room for the eyes so that they are identical. I have an issue with making my eye drawings symmetrical, but I find it much easier to do when I have a guide to assist me. You can use a ruler for this or anything with a straight edge.

Step 3: Outline of the Eye

A cartoon eye has a basic shape that is actually quite simple to draw. To draw the basic outline, draw a circle. Then, add curved lines to both sides of the circle to make an eye shape. Erase the lines from the circle that are left in the middle. Now, we can move onto the pupil, shines, and iris.

Step 4: The Pupil, Shines, and Iris

Inside the eye, draw a large circle towards the top to make the iris, or the colorful part. Then, draw a circle about a third of the size of the iris for the shine. Finally, draw a smaller circle beneath the shine for the pupil.

Step 5: Adding the Eyelashes

Next, you have to add eyelashes. To do this, add a curved "tail" to the eye, which is like a cat tail that you can make with mascara. Then, add a few eyelashes to the top of the eye and the bottom. Add a few lines for parts of the face such as the eyelid for a more realistic touch.

Step 6: Now Draw the Eyebrow

Eyebrows can change the whole eye, as with different angles, the eye can represent different emotions or expressions. For example, if the eyebrow is high and arched, the eye seems surprised or shocked. When the eyebrow is low above the eye and curved downward, it can represent anger. Choose which emotion you wish to express in your drawing and draw the eyebrow accordingly.

Step 7: You Are Done!

Congratulations! You have completed drawing a cartoon-like eye. All you have to do now is color in the iris and - voìla - you're finished! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it helpful!

So, for my shoutouts, I'm running low on ideas! There are a lot of members on this sight that are amazing, but I want your opinions and suggestions! In the comment box, leave the name of the members on Instructables that you think deserve a shoutout! As young as I am, even I need a fresh perspective on these things! And also, if you can, leave a picture of the drawing of your eye! Cheers to all! -loompiggytutorials

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