How to Fish Tail Braid




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Step 1: Lets Get Started

Brush your hair so that there are no knots.

Step 2: Starting the Braid

Pull all of your hair to the side of your head that you want the braid to be on. Then separate your hair into two equal sections.

Step 3: First Part of the Fish Tail

Then grab one small strand of hair from one of the sections and place it across the strand it came from ad over to the opposite strand.

Step 4: Second Part of the Fishtail

Repeat the step but with the other strand. The two small pieces of hair will cross at the middle and form an X.

Step 5: Continuing

Repeat the two previous steps to make the braid longer.

Step 6: Finish

Then secure the braid with a hair tie and you have your fishtail!!!



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