How to French Braid

Step 1:

You'll need

- comb or brush

- hair tie

- hair

Step 2:

First brush the hair so it won't have any knots. Part the top of the hair in half and make 3 sections.

Step 3:

I'm going to start with the right side. You can start on any side I just think it's easier. First you grab the right side and cross it over so it is in the middle. Then you grab the left side and cross it over so now that one is in the middle.

Step 4:

The one that is closes to the right you are going to add hair by grabbing as much hair as you want and adding it to that strand of hair. Once you add it you cross it over so now it's in the middle. You grab the left side and add a chuck of hair just like you did to the right side.

Step 5:

Once you reach where you can't add hair you are just going to do a normal braid all the way down. Then tie it with a hair tie.



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    4 years ago

    look beautiful with this comples nitting