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Introduction: How to Groom Your Rabbit

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As a rabbit owner grooming time is not something that should be dreaded. Positive reinforcements such as treats or extra pets will make this a pleasurable experience for both you and rabbit. A rabbit being bathed is usually discouraged but at your own risk you may do so. The stress of a bath can kill a rabbit by making it go into shock. Still if done the right way it can be done. To perform the following steps you will need:
Light brush( not shedding)
Heavy brush ( heavy shedding)
Rabbit shampoo or mild unscented rabbit shampoo
Uncooked noodle

Step 1: Clipping the Nails

Some rabbits are afraid of the sound of the clippers. To fix this you can bring out a pasta noodle and clip it with your clippers. If your bunny stays calm reward it if not reassure it.
1) put your rabbit back on its hind legs and support its front paws.
2) locate the rabbits quick
3) snip the nail right above the quick and if you do get the quick use styptic powder to stop the bleeding.

Step 2: Heavy Sheds

For heavy sheds you will want to use a bristle brush to prevent hair balls for rabbits are constantly licking themselves. Be careful not to break their delicate skin or it might get infected.

Step 3: Light Shed

You can either use this brush during a light shed or an ever day basis. This is a soft bristle brush which can be used for lighter loads of hair.

Step 4: Bathing Your Bunny

1) get them used to the water.
2)If the water is to hot for it is to hot for your bunny
3)If he or she freaks out take them out
4)Never apply soap directly always put in water.
5)Rinse throughly and keep your bunny in a warm place so he or she doesn't get hypothermia.
6)Towel dry as much as possible, blow dry if you have to.
7)Blow dryer shouldn't be to close to the bunny or to hot for the bunny.
spot cleaning your bunny and using waterless shampoo on your bunny is much more safe and effective.mOnly give a bath if necessary.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    I have a rabbit that has had wry neck in the past. Now he has a hard time balancing, especially in the water, and has a permanent tilt to his head... Any tips on keeping him balanced in the water?