How to Install Flappy Bird on Android, Without Ever Having It Originally

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Now that there aren't many flappy bird instructables being made I decided to post how to get Flappy Bird without ever downloading it before it was taken down.

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Step 1: Things Needed

A computer, a Sd card reader OR USB plug, Android, and Internet

Step 2: Getting the File

On your computer, go to your browser and use this link and download it

Step 3: Plugin Your Android Device

Plugin your android or Sd card into your computer. When connected push "Connect Storage to PC", And push 'Ok'.

Step 4: Adding It

Go to where you saved the file, drag and drop it onto the Android device. It's that simple

Step 5: Opening the Software on the Device

Go to google play store and search for Astro File Manager, and install it. Open the app and click on SD card. Scroll to the bottom and tap The Flappy Bird logo/file. Push complete action using Package Installer and install it.

Step 6: Push Open

Push the open button and enjoy your game of Flappy Bird, just don't break your Android in rage of losing.

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