How to Make a Wooden Rope Puzzle

Introduction: How to Make a Wooden Rope Puzzle

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I made a run of these two ring puzzles about three years ago, and they
were quite popular as gifts. The joy is, once you know the secret, you want to watch others labor over it. Turns out we're all sickos....

I drilled a 35mm hole in the face. The rope is just nylon rope from the home depot and some large steel washers I found in the shop. (As long as they are just too big to pass through the hole.) The closer they are the more infuriating for the puzzler solver and the more joy you get while watching.

I forced the rope through the collar and knotted it. Then shoved the knot into my 1/2" hole and glued the plug in place. Next put on the rings and route the rope through the puzzle Then treat the second rope end just like the first. The object is simple. Get the two rings together. It's surprisingly tricky...

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4 years ago

Hi, looks nice!
Is there a special way that the movie can be downloaded when I use the Download PDF button? (Tried it once already....)


5 years ago on Introduction

Nicely done. I love this type of puzzle.

I'll be making this for sure. Thanks!