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Being a kid, I get bored ALOT! So I decided to make a altoids tin fishing game. This is really fun!


Step 1: What You Need

You will need:
String or twine
Altoids tin
Large magnet (it has to be thin so you can cut

Step 2: Tin Prep

Fold napkin to fit in the bottom of the tin. Use your glue gun to seal.

Step 3: Fish

Draw a simple fish on the paper. Repeat this around six times. Cut your fish out

Step 4: Magnet

Cut two small magnets out of the big one for each fish you have. Glue on each side of fish.

Step 5: Load 'em Up!

Put your fish in the tin!

Step 6: Fishing Pole

Take you straw and measure it to the tin. Cut it to make it fit. Glue string to the straw. You may need to wrap it around straw for extra support.

Step 7: Pole Magnet

Draw a donut looking shape on the magnet. Cut it out then use it to trace another, then cut that one out. Glue the two magnets together. The holes should match up. Take the string from the straw and tie it thru the hole. You have your pole!

Step 8: How to Play

Open altoids tin and take fishing pole and try to touch the end to the magnet on the fish. When it attaches to fish, pick up pole and there you have it!

Step 9: Packaging

Wrap string around straw. Place straw in tin and close it! You can take this anywhere! Hope you like!!!



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    4 years ago

    Hi! Momo here.

    I would LOVE to feature this instructable in this weeks edition of MOMO'S shoutout Sunday! Scroll to the bottom of my "french macarons" tutorial to see it!