How to Make Throwing Knifes

Introduction: How to Make Throwing Knifes

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Step 1: Knife Design

Draw out some knife designs on paper and cut them out (I suggest not to make them to complicated if you have never made knifes before) but if you have go right ahead theres nothing stoping you then cut out as many knifes a you want

Step 2: Cutting Them Out

Cut all the knife designs out (they don't have to be perfect because your just going to cut them up) but it does help then glue the knife designs onto the metal of your choice then cut them out the easiest way you can and for me it's a jig saw. After you cut them out put them on the grinder or use a file and sharpen them then your done



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    I have lots of experience with plasma cutters, which could cut one of those knife blanks in 15 seconds, so using a jigsaw sounds just purely painstaking to me...anyways, great instructable! Very informative!

    Well I had a 1/8 inch steel flat bar that was laying around from a past project. It was from the Home Depot

    Steel. but if you don't have a lot of experience using metal I suggest using steel that you might find at your local hardware store but if you have experience working with metal I suggest using tool steel that's what I use when I blacksmith knifes because it is very tough

    I really like the design, so I cleaned up the template image a bit.
    I may make a similar design folding knife