How to Organize Your Things Part 1





Introduction: How to Organize Your Things Part 1

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This instruct able will be about how to organize your closet

Step 1: Shoes

If you don't already have one I thinks it's easier to have a shoe organizer to put your shoes in and you can hang it on the bar to put your clothes on.

Step 2: Clothes/scarfs/belts

First is clothes when I hang my clothes I like to categorize them into tanks, short sleeve, long sleeve, and dresses. And along the side of those put some hangers or you could have a bucket of hangers Now scarfs and belts You could hang your scarfs and belts on the same bar you put the clothes you could wrap the scarf like fold it in half and put it on the bar and take the loop part and bring t backwards and loop it through the other part

Step 3: Jackets

If you don't have a hook for your closet get that and screw it to your wall and just hang your jackets on there

Step 4: Games

You could place a shelf in your closet for games

Step 5: Comfy Area

Find a little corner in your closet and put some pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals



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    I'm glad it will;)

    Thanks :D this will come in handy

    That's a really good idea but I don't think you can do that I'll try though!!

    I think this is a really cool idea but it would be easier to follow if you put a picture, and then a step, and then a picture, and then a step, etc.
    CherryRed :)