How to Wrap a Present




Introduction: How to Wrap a Present

You will need a wrapping paper of your choice, a pair of scissors, a roll of tape, a gift box, tissue paper, and your present!

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Step 1: Remove Tag From Gift

Make sure the tag is removed from your gift before you wrap your present. This is vital because you do not want the person to know how much their gift cost.

Step 2: Fold Your Garment

This step is only applicable if your gift is a piece of clothing. Lay the shirt flat on a surface with the front facing away from you. Fold both of the sleeves and both of the shoulders toward the center of the shirt. Then, fold the bottom edge toward the top edge. Flip the shirt around and place it in the box to prepare for wrapping!

Step 3: Tissue Paper Time!

After the gift is placed in the box, select a tissue paper of your choice and place the sheet over the top of your gift. Tuck in all of the sides of the paper so that they do not show.

Step 4: Close the Lid!

Simply cover the gift with a lid that matches the rest of the box. You may tape the sides of the box down if you wish to prevent the box lid from shifting.

Step 5: Cutting the Paper to Fit the Long Sides of the Rectangle

Place the box onto the back of your wrapping paper. Find the 3/4 point of the box and pull the paper towards it. Then place two small pieces of tape to secure the paper. Flip the box over to find the other 3/4 point of the box is and mark where you will need to cut the paper. Flip the box back over and cut down that line. Now tape the other side of the paper onto the box with two pieces of tape.

Step 6: Now for the Short End!

Cut the paper on each sides three inches away from the edge of the box. Then, fold the corners of the freshly cut paper inwards. This should result in a semi-pointed shape. Proceed to fold this flap down to the box. Tape to secure. Repeat on the opposite side.

Step 7: Now for the Bow!

Pick a thin ribbon to begin. Start on the front of the package. Slip the ribbon underneath the box on the short side and twist, this causes the ribbon to go over the long side creating a criss-cross shape. Tie this into a bow. Repeat these steps with a second ribbon. Use the scissors to curl the ends of both ribbons. Enjoy!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    That looks really good. My family has conspired for the past decade to simply swap the same set of gift bags from one person to another, so I've nearly forgotten the actual process. This is a helpful refresher.

    Also, your nails look good in every shot. That's an underrated portion of DIY work, and you, errr, nailed it on your first go. (Next step: photograph with more natural light or a nicer lens.)