Starting Minecraft: All You Need to Know

Introduction: Starting Minecraft: All You Need to Know

This is where beginners will find out how to start out as a rookie in Minecraft. It will teach you the basics, and a slight touch on how to protect yourself from mobs. This tutorial will also briefly show how to improve yourself down the line.

Step 1: Protecting Yourself

When you first enter a new Minecraft world, always get wood. Get as much as you can, as fast as you can. Be sure not to stay out to long or it would turn night.

When you think night is approaching don't try to make a huge house on your first day. Start small. Make a crafting table, craft some tools, and then dig into a small hiding place in the side of a mountain, or just a few blocks below ground. Make sure to make a door or block off the entrance in any way. If you weren't able to make a bed, I suggest just waiting the night out. Please don't try to ambush mobs, you'd probably just end up dying - unless you're just that good. While waiting, make sure you have the tools you need like a pickaxe, shovel, sword, and axe. If you followed my advice for a temporary base, you should have got some stone from the terrain which you could make better weapons with.

If you were lucky, you would have spawned near some sheep or a village. This might seem harsh, but kill the sheep for wool to make a bed. If you are somehow able to craft shears with iron, go ahead! Then you can shear the wool off the sheep.

If you spawn next to a village, you can take shelter there. A village also has wool blocks on top of poles made of wooden fence. Don't feel bad to take that wool, but be sure to replace the torches.

Then craft a bed and sleep. It reduces the time of night by a lot.

Step 2: Making It Better

The more days and time you spend on this, the more better and advanced you'll get. Don't forget to constantly get food and NEVER EVER DIG STRAIGHT DOWN. Be sure to go mining for better minerals such as iron, diamonds, and if you have it, modded minerals. You can build armour to protect yourself from mobs and weapons to fend them off. Also, little tip, don't look endermen straight in the eyes. They will become hostile (unless you are wearing a pumpkin on your head). Eventually, build a better home, or improve the mountainside one. If you take my advice, your base could eventually look really good and you could show it off to your friends.

Step 3: You'll Get Better

Keep taking my advice, and eventually you'll get better. If you really love the game, search youtube for Minecraft videos. Trust me, there are tons of Minecrafters on there. Maybe one day you could also become a Minecraft youtuber. If you choose to, you have my good luck.


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