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As it is approaching Easter, there are loads of projects that require an empty egg shell.  I know lots of people who refuse to do these wonderful and fun projects because even the thought of having to blow the contents of an egg out of the shell will send them running to the hills.  Well, here is the best way to remove the contents of an egg shell without, blowing your brains out.

Step 1:

Eggs (the larger the better and the harder the shell the better, these are “jumbos”)
An Awl
Dish soap
A bowl (to catch the egg in)
The egg carton (to store the blown eggs in)

Step 2:

Wash the eggs with soap and water, rinse and dry.  This is to get rid of any germs (specifically salmonella).

Step 3:

Place the egg with one end up and use the awl to peck at the end until a hole the size of the awl diameter (or a little larger) is formed.
Turn the egg over and repeat the process on the other end of the egg.  Stick the awl into the egg and scramble the yolk.  A yolk will not go through that size of hole, unless it is broken up.

Step 4:

Use a towel to wipe off any egg white or yolk that is outside the hole.

Bring the end with the smaller hole to your mouth, take a big breath and blow. Take another breath and keep blowing, repeat until you no longer are blowing liquid egg, but are blowing nothing but air completely through the shell.

Step 5:

Take the empty egg shell to the sink and run some water into the shell.  Shake it around and blow the water out.

Step 6:

Wash the raw egg off the awl.  Use soap and water.
Put the empty shell into the egg carton.  Blow as many eggs as you need for your project.

Step 7:

Cover the liquid egg and put it into the fridge for future reference.  I usually put them in small containers with 2 or 3 eggs in each container.  That makes it easier to use them for cake, egg pie, scrambled eggs, etc., etc., etc.

Step 8:

I am using these shells for several projects, such as dragon’s eggs found here:, and for making crystal geodes, found here:  Have fun and ENJOY.



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    The April Fools Contest is still running until April 21st. You still have time to do what ever your brilliant idea is and write an Instructable, publish, and enter the contest. Yes! Can't wait to see it.


    5 years ago

    ok if you are planning on using the eggs for cooking do not i repeat do not use soap when cleaning them. remember eggs are a pores thing. the soap will get inside and ruin the egg. also if the are store bought the chance of salmonella is slim to none, in fact farm fresh has little chance of salmonella your better off just wiping them down with water

    I while ago I saw something that was being sold to help flow out empty egg shells. Basically it was a bulb syringe aspirator. Here is where I saw it: Maybe I need to update my Instructable.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Any good tips on "reparing" the holes ? (covering up with something to make them invisilble)

    1 reply

    It depends on what you are creating with the empty shells. I have used paper glued over the opening. I've even used jewelry finding to cover the opening. It just depends. Thanks for commenting.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    So make false eggs. Placed in the nests of chickens. They better lay. Shell fill melted paraffin.