How to Build a Collapsible PVC Garden Raised Bed Greenhouse

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The goal of this Instructable is to show you how easy it is to use PVC pipe to build a greenhouse frame for you raised bed or garden plot. I also show you how to use .2 mil plastic paint drop cloths to cover the frame. While you can certainly just drape a cloth over it, I show you how to cut it and secure the seams with duct tape. I build a 7x2 frame to custom fit my raised bed that is holding fall/winter greens.

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    That's great thanks for the helpful video :)
    Do you think doing something this in my back garden around this time of year would be ok? Or would I be better of waiting until the warmer weather is back after Christmas in the new year?
    Thanks, Nath@The Summer House

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    I would suggest doing it now. Kale and Spinach will grow. Lettuces might survive. But the kale and collards would establish themselves and take off come spring. You'd be ahead of the game.

    My Youtube channel has 100 vids and there are a few on seed starting indoors. Something fun to do in the winter. The best thing to do to learn about gardening is just plant away. Nothing bad can happen and before you know it you will have 20 raised beds in the yard.