How to Control Robot Arm With 6 Channel Servo Player Without Coding

Introduction: How to Control Robot Arm With 6 Channel Servo Player Without Coding

This tutorial demonstrates How to Control Robot Arm with 6 Channel Servo Player without Coding.

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Step 1: Introduction

6 Channel Servo Player

In this tutorial, the 6 Channel Servo Player is used to control the robot arm by recording the servos' movement and play it back exactly without writing source code to it.Each knob will control your servos up to 180°. There have 4 different servos animation can be recorded in different channel.For details of this controller, you may refer to here.

Also, this tutorial demonstrates how to attach the IR sensor to servo player in order to detect the object and servo player will response to it.

Step 2: Material Preparation

For this tutorial, we require these items:

1. 6 Channel Servo Player

2. IR Sensor

3. Adapter 5V

4. Servo Robot Arm (printed by 3D printer)

Step 3: Set the 6 Channel Servo Player

1. Insert the SD Memory Card into the SD Card Socket on Servo Player. And power on it by DC adapter.

2. Switch to Record mode.

3. Switch to Slow mode.

4. Toggle Start 1 to record.

5. Toggle again to pause recording. (RUN LED will blinking twice)

6. Tuning knobs to move the servos to desire position.

7. Toggle to resume recording.

8. In Slow mode, the servos will repeat from start point to last point again before next recording.

9. After record done, toggle Stop button and switch back to Play mode.

10. Toggle Start 1, the servos will run as recorded servos' animation.

In Record Mode, there are 2 modes can be selected which are either in INTERRUPT or

NON-INTERRUPT mode. In this tutorial, the non-interrupt mode is preferred. To select the mode,

  • In Record Mode, long press STP/*M* button for 3 seconds to select NON-INTERRUPT mode which is run LED blink twice.

Step 4: Hardware Installation

1. Connect IR Sensor to 6 Channel Servo Player.

2. Connection between IR Sensor



VCC > 5V

When IR Sensor detects the object, the robot arm will pick the object and place it to the pre-recorded location.

Step 5: Video

This video demonstrates how to control robot arms with 6 channel servo player without coding.

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