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If you love learning new painting techniques, try creating a faux oxidized copper look! This is a great way to give your furniture and home decor a truly unique finish.

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Step 1: Paint With Chocolate Tart

Start by applying a coat of Chocolate Tart. This step isn’t absolutely necessary, but when you’re working with metallic creams you’ll get a more opaque finish with less coats when you start with a piece that is similar in color to your metallic cream.

Step 2: Apply a Textured, Metallic Layer

To begin our faux oxidized copper look, we want to create a shimmery metallic base, just like real copper. To do this we’re going to use Belt Buckle metallic cream. Since oxidized copper also has a lot of texture to it, we recommend mixing Texture Powder with your Belt Buckle in a 1:1 ratio, then dabbing it on with a paint brush to create randomized texture.

Now, let your piece dry for approximately 12 hours at this stage.

Step 3: Add Some Metallic Variation

To give your metallic base even more variation, try adding a few dabs of our gold metallic cream, Pocket Watch and blending it in with a slightly damp rag. Since this is just your base coat it doesn’t have to look perfect!

Step 4: Oxidize!

Now that you’ve given your piece a copper finish, it’s time to oxidize it! This is really the fun part, but it can get a little bit messy so if you don’t want to get paint under your nails, make sure you wear gloves.

You can play around with mixing colors until you’re happy with the green you’ve created, but if you want to replicate the color we’ve used exactly, mix 1.5 parts Tropical Cocktail, 1 part Luscious Lime, and 2 parts Simplicity. You won’t be going for full, opaque coverage with this step, so you won’t need to mix up much.

It’s also a good idea to add some color variation in this step. We used our custom green mixture as well as the color, Bliss. You might want to pick two or three green/turquoise variations!

Once you’re happy with your green, use a paint brush to dab a bit randomly all over your piece, then use a slightly damp rag to blend it in. Experiment with using a few different techniques like wiping, swirling, and dabbing to see what you like best. You can really have a lot of fun and customize this part to make it your own! Make sure you create lots of variation so that the shimmery copper layer beneath shows through more in some areas than others.

Step 5: Let Your Colors Run

Use a spray bottle to gently mist your piece with water. Letting the colors run and blend will really make your finish look naturally aged, as if it’s been weathered by years of rain. You’ve got time to play with this step, so try alternating between spraying and using your cloth to dab the paint until you’re happy with how it looks.

For high traffic or outdoor pieces you can use wax or Tough Coat to seal your work after it’s dry, but to keep the matte finish of real oxidized copper, we recommend leaving it as is.

Step 6: The Finished Look

Step 7: Watch This Video to See It in Action!

In this brand new video tutorial company co-founder, Rosanne will show you how to layer a few colors and textures to create an authentic-looking oxidized copper finish.

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    5 Discussions


    Question 2 months ago on Step 7

    I want to faux finish a large piece...I don’t want it to look patchy. Howvwould you suggest I accomplish this?

    2 answers
    Country Chic PaintRobinwren

    Answer 2 months ago

    Hi! An oxidized finish typically has a bit of patchy texture to it.... however you could apply the teal paint a little more evenly than just stippling it on like in our example. Perhaps try creating wear on the edges of the surface rather than all over. Hope that helps!

    copper finish.jpg
    RobinwrenCountry Chic Paint

    Reply 2 months ago

    Very nice example. I managed to do the entire sculpture little by little and it doesn’t look bad...thank you so much for this instructable. It was exactly what I was looking for!