How to Dance With a Girl

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So the school dance is coming up. You know you'll be dancing with girls right? But you don't know a thing about dancing, do you? While follow these steps to display your swaggin' jams on the dance floor!

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Step 1: STEP ON THEM FEET!!!!!

Try really hard to step on her feet like crazy. It will let her know that you are there. She will think of you later on when she is putting band aids on her bleeding foot!

Step 2: BREATH!

You are definitely going to want to huff and puff right in her face! Dancing is exercise and it makes you breath heavy. It is only healthy that you breath properly even if it is directly on your significant other's face! Breath especially hard if you had garlic bread or an onion roll of sorts.

Step 3: Hold on Tight

hold on to her hands real tight to the point that your fingertips are white!!!! Try to sweat through your hands a lot too! If you don't squeeze her hands tight she is going to hate you and banish you from her heart and soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 4:

Step 5: EVIL!!!!!

DO ITTTT!!!!!!!



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