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Last year, me and my best friend went to prom, but we were both broke and needed creative solutions. So I, being both cheap and crafty, managed to survive the entire process without spending any money. I was using remnants and things around the house, so this wont work for everyone; this is merely a list of suggestions that could help other people in a similar situation. Enjoy!

Step 1: Dress- Part 1

The first thing I did was make a dress. I started with finding a bustier that fit pretty well at a thrift store for $4, and fitting it to my body. I then embellished it with antique lace bits I had in my fabric stores. 

Step 2: Dress- Part 2

The next thing I did was add a skirt. This was a multi-step process that took much tweaking and configuring. I started with a larger piece of fabric, gathered it, attached it, and then added tiers of ruffles where I wanted. I used different kinds of fabric and lace to make it look interesting and wonderful. 
Then came the bustle! I tucked and folded and gathered and ruched a lace curtain into submission. It ended up pretty awesome, and I just hand sewed it to the back. I added another piece of fabric under it to give me more coverage.

Step 3: Dress- Part 3

Finishing touches! I added embellishments and details, like the three buttons holding the bustle over the zipper, and more lace remnants. I then decided to go without the sheer shirt under the dress.

Step 4: Accessories- Me

I made a lace choker out of the lace remnants to match my dress, and a yellow ribbon bow for my hair. I borrowed awesome white Doc Martin Darcie heels from my friend, and made ribbon laces out of shiny white fabric (shown later).  Finally, I grabbed a fake fur shrug I had and I was ready!

Step 5: Accessories- Date Boy

My date boy needed something to wear, so we stole a yellow shirt from his friend and dress pants from his dad. I made him a boutonniere from a daffodil from my garden and a safety pin.

Step 6: Mooching Off of Friends

For the rest of the night, we scrounged up $10 from our moms (because we are shameless) to buy dinner, carpooled in a kick-ass minivan with our friends, and had an awesome time at prom. For free.



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    10 months ago

    Congratz and Kudos for being able not let a lack of funds stop you from making to the Prom. It looks like you had a lot of fun!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Kudos on the free prom, I know it can be a hideously expensive event for most people!

    Is it just me, or does the first photo in step six look like three girls just ambushed their favourite boy-band for a photo? ;-)

    1 reply