How to "Fix" a Pair of Broken Headphones



Introduction: How to "Fix" a Pair of Broken Headphones

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This is how I 'fixed' a pair of headphones. 

Materials and Tools:
1.Pair of broken headphones.
2.Speakers/Ear buds/Earphones 
3.Fingernail File/Flat Head Screwdriver
4. Scissors
5.(depending on the size of the speakers)something soft to fill in the extra space around the speakers.

P.S. Sorry for the not so good photos...

Step 1: Pry Open

Pry the headphones open with the fingernail file or flat head screwdriver. I used the nail file because its thin.
There is a little notch in mine and that's where I put the nail file.
Get rid of what ever is inside,you won't need it.

Step 2: Put in the New Ear Buds/speakers

First, put in the soft stuff to take up the little bit of space that will probably be left over.
(I used toilet paper because I couldn't think of anything else,and because that's all I had.)

Then put the speaker in on top of it.

Step 3: Put the Case Back On.

Put the out case back on. Then plug in and be happy. :D

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