How to Fix the Freezing Issues in Pokemon GO

Introduction: How to Fix the Freezing Issues in Pokemon GO

Got some Pokemon Go gameplay today where I talk about how to fix the freezing in Pokemon Go, and if that's all you're interested in, keep reading, as the tips in the video are scattered throughout.

TIP 1:

If you're on iPhone, make sure to switch off LTE, this should reduce freezing in Pokemon GO.

TIP 2:

I'm not sure about this one, but I found that turning ON augmented reality, or AR while catching pokemon really helped me personally to reduce freezing.

TIP 3:

If Pokemon GO freezes, wait until you see the little white spinning Pokemon Go logo go away to close the app. This shouldn't take more than a minute, and can save the Pokemon you caught.

TIP 4:

This last tip comes from a comment on a related article, and many people gave it upvotes, although I don't understand it so I'll just quote: "The game gives an obvious tell that it is about to freeze when you attempt to catch a pokemon, the backpack and camera/run icons will all disappear. No need to worry, when you see this happen, you can wait for a small time and then tap where the backpack icon should be, the icons will then return to your screen and you can capture the pokemon with no worries about it freezing. Enjoy!"

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