How to Glaze Furniture in Any Color



Introduction: How to Glaze Furniture in Any Color

About: Country Chic Paint is a beautiful clay-based furniture paint specifically designed for DIYers with a love for refinishing furniture and home decor. This fabulous paint is zero VOC and contains little to no h...

Are you looking for a specific color that doesn't quite match anything from our line? Why not play around with mixing your own colors!

In this tutorial we'll show you how to mix tints, shades, tones, and colors. If you'd rather watch a video, we also have a video tutorial available in the last step!

All of the products used in this tutorial can be found on our website at

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Step 1: Paint Your Piece

This technique can be done on raw wood as well, but it’s generally used on a piece that has been given a base coat of Country Chic Paint. In this case we’ve chosen Pebble Beach.

Step 2: Shake and Stir the Glaze

Before opening your jar, shake the glaze, then stir it for about a minute with a stir stick before proceeding to the next step.

Step 3: Mix Paint With Glaze

In a 4 part glaze to 1 part paint ratio, mix together clear glaze with the paint color of your choice in a separate container (in this case we chose Tropical Cocktail). Blend well with a stir stick until the color is consistent throughout your mixture.

Step 4: Paint on to Your Piece

You can use a paint brush or a lint-free rag for this step, but we prefer to use a brush as it won’t soak up as much of the glaze so you’ll get more coverage with the product and less waste. The glaze will dry fairly quickly, so you may prefer to work in small sections.

Step 5: Remove Any Excess Glaze

Immediately after applying the glaze with a paint brush, use a lint-free rag or a sponge to wipe of the excess. It’s a good idea to experiment with this on a sample board before tackling your whole piece because every tool will give your finish a different look. If you choose a dense sponge, you can achieve a smoother, more consistent look. If you prefer a bit of texture try using a rag or a porous sponge like Rosanne is using here.

There’s no right or wrong with this process, so keep wiping until you’re happy with the amount of color and texture you’ve got.

Step 6: The Finished Look

Don't you just love the fun wash of color tintable glaze can add to your piece?

Step 7:

In this video tutorial company co-founder, Rosanne will show you how to tint our clear glaze to make any color you like!

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