How to Make Classic Pot Flower Stick

Introduction: How to Make Classic Pot Flower Stick

Heloo friends i would like to show you to make your own potflower from stick please follow until the last friens


Materials and tools used:
Enough popsicles
Wax glue
One cans

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Step 1: How to Make Classic Pot Flower Stick

first prepare
light the candle with lighter so you can using the wax glue
put the stick ice cream to position like the picture forOn the bottom carry the pot dont forget to put a few wax glue on the stick

Step 2: How to Make Classic Pot Flower Stick

Second, keep sticking-like pictures on top, using wax glue until they reach their desired height and don't forget
Put on side of side from the pot

Step 3: How to Make Classic Pot Flower Stick

Third make another pot using the can with the stick
Make it the same as picture up there.
After that glue two of pots together
wait until the two pots being glue so your pot made from stick is now can be used put the flowers on inside pot like the picture .
Ok friends that is it the step make pot flowers stick
You create your own style so let's give try

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