How to Make DIY ECymbal Pads From Plastic Plate for Electronic Drums




What we need??
Plastic plate, Piezo, Sandpaper (and or anything we can use for plating), Glue (and or anything we can use to stick), Paint (or anything for coloring), Solder and friend, Drill (or anything we can use for holling), etc.

For full detail check my blog How to Make DIY eCymbal Pads from Plastic Plate for Electronic Drums

Step 1: Choose Your Plate

Choose your plate that suitable you need. Then use sand paper or anything to make the emboss flaten.

Step 2: Holing

Use drill or anything to make the hole for cymbal stand/holder. If the cymbals anti-spin (rotation stopper)needed, then drill other hole for the anti-spin.

Step 3: Layering the Plate

Use any kind of rubber such as mas, car food pad, mouse pad, varnished, etc. the cut it to layering the plate. Use glue to stick the mat to the plate.

Step 4: Coloring

Coloring your cymbal if needed.

Step 5: The Piezo

Choose your piezo size. Soldering and connect it to female jack, or directly to male jack.

Step 6: Stick Them

Stick your piezo to a rasher mat, then stick them to the plate.



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    1 year ago

    Hello OK, I would like to know if the cable that goes into the dish is p10 mono and what goes in the module is p10 stereo ?


    Glue some pieces of metal to add weight to the eCymbals

    That's amazing, the sound is awesome I imagine! Not to mention SO much cheaper than an actual cymbal! Hope we see more things from you in the future!