How to Make Hyacinth Living Room Set

Introduction: How to Make Hyacinth Living Room Set

Hyacinth was know as a bad plant around the river in Indonesia. Some already use it as a craft materials like I do. Let's just see how I make it better.

Step 1: 1. Make Your Own Shape

First, find any metal, it must be bindable. I was using a metal named galvalum 03. It was thin and can be cut by a scissor.
Draw the layout, cut, bind, and press the bind area with a plastic hammer so it won't have any sharp side.

Step 2: 2. Get Ready the Hyacinth

If you are living overseas, you'll be unfamiliar with this kind of plant. In Indonesia, people take it from the river, and supply it to some craft industries so it can be usefull. Some use it as a fuel, foods, drinks, and more. So, back to the steps, wash it with detergent, just slightly. then rinse and soak it for 15 minutes. Just remember to not squeeze it. Then let it half dry, and start to braid.

Step 3: 3. Braid It!

After you wash the hyacinth, get the unwashed hyacinth, and start stick it to the shape. I'm using a double tape and an usual tape. Stick it all around the shape, and remember, the one you stick over must be longer than the shape. If you're done, start to braid. The tutorial how to braid this can be find on youtube. I use some imitation leather on the middle to give it a nice look.

Step 4: 4. You're Done!

Here is the one that finished! Actually this one is an umbrella keeper. It was 60 cm high.
This one was one of my assignment, hope you like it.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Wow! Creative way to use a invasive species! Very professional finish. :)