How to Make a 1 Amp to 50 Amps Current Boost Inverter Circuit DIY




Introduction: How to Make a 1 Amp to 50 Amps Current Boost Inverter Circuit DIY

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Today am going to teach you how to make an extreme current booster circuit.

We all have seen the high voltage booster circuits where little voltage supply is transformed into a high voltage low current supply.In fact, i have made certain high voltage instructables myself but the high current booster instructables are something that we don't see everyday.

The circuit is basically an inverter which produces high current low voltage at the secondary terminals of the transformer just because the secondary has only two turns of some seriously thick copper wires rated 30Amp as in my project (though i should have used 50Amp cable atleast).

Step 1: Requirements:

List :-

1) The Transformer Center-tap (48-0-48)

2) 2 x Power transistors 13009 NPN

3) 2 x 1 K-ohm resistors 5W

4) Wires normal --> 1amp

5) 50Amp wire --> 0.5 meter

6) 52V DC I/P Source

Video -->

Credits -> creative electron7M

Step 2: Transformer Modification:

First what you have to do is, remove the secondary with the help of a saw.While using the saw, make sure that you do not cut off the primary winding cause we're going to need that.

You have to use a 48-0-48 type transformer.

Now take the 50 ampere 0.5 meter copper wire and use it as the secondary of the transformer in place of the high voltage winding.Give it 2 turns as shown in the picture.

(Just so you know, i have used a 12-0-12 transformer and still have supplied it with 48 volts switching supply since I did not have the 48-0-48 transformer).

A 12-0-12 transformer will surely work but not for long.

The Transformer will burn out if its not given the recommended input supply.

Video -->
Credits -> creative electron7M

Step 3: Inverter Construction:

The power transistors used here are 13009.Take the 1 kilo ohm resistors and connect one terminal of the resistor to the base of one power transistor while the other terminal of the resistor to the collector of the other power transistor.

Do the same with the other resistor.Take two similar colored wires and connect them to the collectors of both the power transistors 13009 as shown. Now take the 48-0-48 center-tap transformer and connect the side terminals to the collectors of the power transistor.Now connect the emitter terminals of the power transistor together and connect it to the -24V DC supply and connect that tapping point to the center-tap to +24V DC.

Measure the output voltage at the secondary of the transformer.It should be somewhere between 0.5 to 1 volt AC.

Video -->
Credits -> creative electron7M

Step 4: Performance Testing:

I conducted several high current discharge tests on the circuit and the results were really good.

It cuts out plastic like it's nothing and also, it gives a really smooth cut results.

What we can do with it :-

  1. it cuts paper with extreme precision as can be seen in the picture.
  2. it can cut wood
  3. it can cut plastics.
  4. it can join plastic.
  5. it can burn matchsticks.
  6. it can be used for making a pyrography tool.
  7. it can also be used for spot welding.

Maximum current output at the secondary should be somewhere around 52 amperes AC at an output voltage of 0.8 volts as in my case.

Video -->

Credits -> creative electron7M

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