How to Make a Chainmail Tie




Introduction: How to Make a Chainmail Tie

This is a project I've had in mind for a while that I'm super excited to finally share! This is a chainmail tie design I came up with, that turned out way better than I expected and has become one of my most popular chainmail creations to date. The 'knot' in particular is something that I haven't seen done before, and is simple, but (in my perhaps biased opinion) very aesthetically pleasing! I also went to the trouble of creating a high quality, step-by-step instructional video as I truly believe the best way to learn this type of thing is by watching a video. I also have other beginner videos, so if you have never made chainmail before you can check those out, either by visiting my other instructables or heading over to my youtube channel.

(the watch in the photos is simply to keep track of the time the project took)

Step 1: Make 3 Chains, 60 Units Long

Start off by making 3 chains of European 4-1 that are 60 units long (you can make it longer if you are taller than me, I'm about 5 10 and found 60 was the magic number for me.) Again, if you don't already know the basics of making European 4-1 chain, check out my other videos!!!

I'm using bright aluminum rings that are 1/4" and 18g, you could use 16g as well for a tighter weave but I wanted to keep weight down as much as possible. It'd be cool to add in colour too, I think the next one I make will use anodized aluminum to create some cool designs.

Step 2: Weave the Chains Together

Line up the chains and continue the pattern as you weave them together using jump rings. To add colour, you could use coloured rings for this step.

Step 3: Create the Tip of the Tie

Pick an end of the sheet you created in the last step to be the bottom of the tie, and add rings 1 at a time in a pyramid formation to create the tip of the tie.

Step 4: Create the Knot of the Tie

On the opposite end of the tip, fold the ends over and connect them (the same way you would if you were weaving two chains together) using 4 links. I found this was easier to do by inserting something to separate the layers of tie while I was working.

Step 5: Create a Neck Chain for the Tie

Make a couple lengths of chain that combined will easily fit around your neck. Keep in mind you'll be wearing a collared shirt too, so leave some extra slack to account for that. Attach the two pieces of chain to the top ands of the knot, as shown in these photos (and in greater detail in the video in step 1.)

Step 6: Add a Hook or Clasp

Add a way to secure the ends of the 2x2 chain when you are wearing the tie.

Step 7: Look Classy!

I hope this step is pretty self explanatory! Thanks for checking out this project and enjoy :)



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    love this, and would love to make one that includes coloured rings too. However, can I suggest a challenge for you? A chain bow tie - after all, everyone knows bow ties are cool, and they would definitely look cool in chain (and would show patterns and colours really well!) Thanks for the excellent video btw - makes it much easier to work out how to cross chains at the top!

    4 replies

    Thanks for the comment! Bow tie project & video coming up in the next week or so :)

    Sorry! ? But I'm very grateful, and will be making one next weekend (away this week) so it's very welcome!! x

    You should market this to the Game of Thrones cast for their red carpet events!!!

    Working on some refinements to this bow-tie chainmail design as well, but will be posting a tutorial for it shortly as well!


    That looks fantastic. It's so clean looking. And cool as well, in my nerdy mind, lol. I might have to buy 1000 rings and try. Think I'll be following your projects too :)

    1 reply

    Had a look, the duct tape tie looks cool too! But might not stop an arrow ;)

    If you're really lucky, it might stop an arrow to the sternum. Next up, chainmail knee pads.

    Be gone with you! Thou art a foul hater, destroyer of dreams, killer of joys, and otherwise offensive and politically correct person!!!!

    Back to the dark and miserably unimaginative abyss from whence thou came!


    1 year ago

    Very interesting ... I even checked out your basic chainmail instruction. Well done! Easy to understand and I would think making these would be therapeutic!


    Where the rings come form?

    What is the most damaging thing it could protect you from?