How to Make a Fire Extingguisher From Baking Soda

Introduction: How to Make a Fire Extingguisher From Baking Soda

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How to Make a Fire Extingguisher From Backing Soda

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Step 1: Why I Want It

it is useful if there is fire and then extinguish it

Step 2: What You Need

1. PVC tube

2.baking soda


Step 3: Make Holes

make holes with a nail

Step 4: Close

now you close it with

bike tire

use NO tape

Step 5: Make a Handle

hit your handle with the nails

Step 6: Add Baking Soda

now you do baking soda in the PVC tube

Step 7: To Extinguish a Fire

if there is fire, keep the pvc pipe with baking soda in it over the fire and through the holes it will come out and yes you will soon see that the fire has been extinguished because baking soda is very good against fire

goog luck

Step 8: Good Luck

good luck

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