How to Make a Mini Crossbow From Office Supplies

Introduction: How to Make a Mini Crossbow From Office Supplies

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Hey, everyone! Do you want a very inexpensive and relatively quick way to build a mini functional crossbow? Well, look no further! Today, I’m going to show you how to build your own tiny crossbow out of common office supplies. Remember, since crossbows are weapons, they are DANGEROUS and should not be aimed at yourself, other people, or animals. This crossbow will have enough power to drive a “bolt” through a piece of paper, or into a piece of cardboard.

What you'll need (Materials in parentheses are those only necessary if you'd like to make it a double crossbow):

2 (4) pens

4 thumbtacks

1 (2) wide rubber bands

2 (4) paperclips


2 (4) brass brads

(4 small rubber bands)

(6 alligator clamps)

Watch your fingers, as in later steps you will have to punch holes in the pen with the pushpins, and can easily skewer yourself if not careful.

Step 1: Separate the Ink Supply From the Body of the Pens.

Step 2: Puncture Holes in the Case of the Pen.

On one piece, punch two holes on the end of the pen, about 3/8th of an inch apart. This piece will become the body piece. Punch two more holes an inch from the opposite end of the pen about 3/8th of an inch apart from each other. This will become the hole for the trigger. On the other piece, punch two holes in the middle about 3/8th of an inch apart. This piece will become the crosspiece. These holes should be along the body in its longest dimension, as shown roughly below.


Step 3: Bend a Paper Clip Into the Shapes As Shown.

One paperclip will become the trigger mechanism, the other will be used to reenforce the connection between the two pieces.

Step 4: Slide the Paper Clip Through the Two Holes in the Body Part.

Make sure that your holes went all the way through, straight down. If not, then punch the holes the rest of the way first, then attempt to line the paper clip up so that it will slide through relatively freely. Once through, bend the ends inward to form two loops (They should look like a lowercase Omega). This will be used as a trigger.

Step 5: Cut a Rubber Band, Thread It Through the Crosspiece, Then Tie It Together Again.

Step 6: Place Thumbtacks Through the Crosspiece, Then Attach the Crosspiece to the Body Piece.

Slide a paper clip through the two holes in each piece, then cover the area with tape to reenforce it.

Step 7: Add a Layer of Tape to the Body Piece to Raise the Pencil to the Proper Level.

Step 8: Make It a Double!

Step 9: Repeat the Instructions for the First Crossbow, But With a Few Minor Adjustments...

Step 10: Instead of the Thumbtacks, Place Alligator Clamps on the End on Either Side of the Body Piece.

Step 11: Place Another Alligator Clamp on the Other End of the Body Piece, Fold the Grips Down, and Tape a Grip Upright, As Shown.

Since alligator clamps are slightly beveled on the bottom, placing them along the body of the crossbow allows for a groove the pencil can fit in easily. Squeeze and remove the grips to make it easier to fire.

Step 12: Slide Two Brads Through the Trigger and Tape Them Together, So That They Interlock.

Place the end pieces of the pens through the grips as shown, sliding a rubber band through to secure it. Do the same on the front of the crossbow.

Step 13: Enjoy Your Crossbow!

Feel free to color your crossbow with a Sharpie after it is done!

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